Construction and assembly operations

Construction and installation works


Equipment rental



Civil construction and installation works

Arrangement of temporary infrastructure

All types of earthworks, including levelling, surveying and topography

All types of foundation works

Erection of buildings and structures

Installation of service lines and tie-in to utility networks

Installation of internal utility systems

Interior and exterior finishing works

Commissioning and startup



 Engineering of utility systems and networks, including the following:

  • Internal and external lighting and power supply systems up to 0.4 kV and up to 10 kV.
  • Power supply up to 35 kV, up to 110 kV, and above.
  • Internal low voltage systems (telephones, fire and security alarm), as well as external networks thereof.
  • Internal heating systems (including electric heating), ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration supply, gas distribution network (low pressure gas supply) as well as external networks thereof with auxiliary facilities.
  • Internal water supply systems (hot and cold water) and sewerage, as well as external networks thereof with auxiliary facilities.

Urban design (with the right to design for town-planning rehabilitation of historic development areas, with the exception of scientific and restoration work on historical and cultural monuments) and planning, including development of:

  • Telecommunication and communication layouts for residential areas with allocation of infrastructure facilities and information sources.
  • Power supply layouts for residential areas with allocation of facilities for power generation and transportation within housing systems, as well as power supply of industrial complexes, located in the inter-settlement areas.

Process engineering (development of the process part of construction projects) of industrial purpose facilities, including:

  • For medical, microbiological and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Dams, dikes and other hydraulic engineering installations.
  • Tower and mast type structures.
  • For the energy industry.
  • For the processing industry, including consumer goods and food industries.
  • For heavy engineering.

Process engineering (development of the process part of construction projects) of transport and communications infrastructure facilities, including maintenance facilities for:

  • Republic-wide and international communication lines (including satellite lines) and other types of telecommunication.
  • Local communication lines, radio- and telecommunications.

Construction engineering (with the right of engineering for major structural repairs and/or reconstruction of buildings and structures, as well as reinforcement of structures for each of the following works) and design, including:

  • Metal (steel, aluminum and alloy) structures.
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete, masonry and reinforced masonry structures.
  • Bases and foundations.
  • Engineering of utility systems and networks, including:
  • Oil trunklines, oil product pipelines, gas pipelines (medium and high pressure gas supply).
  • Feasibility study and design & estimate documentation development for all types of engineering