11 year period with Tesla-Tan. Yerbol Galymzhanov and his career

Site foreman, Yerbol Galymzhanov is a specialist with extensive experience. Yerbol came to Tesla-Tan in 2009, essentially becoming one of the “old-timers” of the company. Over an 11 year period, he went from an electrician of the 3rd category to a site foreman. He was appointed to this position two years ago. According to him, during this time he gained a lot of practical experience in Tesla-Tan company.

“I like that the company’s management values personnel for responsibility and diligence. Employees feel cared for by the company. Therefore, employees try to show themselves even better,” says Yerbol Galymzhanov.

Yerbol has many important projects on his account, such as Karabatan, Tengiz and Kashagan. The site foreman believes that its important not to stand still, but to introduce something new into his work to keep physically and mentally active.

“The world does not stand still. Construction and installation are also developing very quickly. In the company we follow the latest technologies in order to keep up with the established trends in the world. It’s great when the company improves its approaches in construction and electrical/instrumentation installation. This is why our position in the market grows. “, – believes Yerbol Galymzhanov.

According to the site foreman, another important factor in the success of Tesla-Tan is the company’s team.

“I like the composition of our employees. We have a very friendly and close-knit team. Respect, mutual understanding, a sense of responsibility. All this makes our team stronger. Difficulties always occur at work, challenges to the company often arise. Team cohesion, “sums up Yerbol Galymzhanov.